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Cookies with an elongated shape and a golden surface based on almonds, cinnamon, honey and orange. Piparelle were born during the Arab denomination in Sicily. The name was attributed because originally the last phase of cooking took place in wood-burning...

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Dessert based on cocoa glaze, lemon glaze, vanilla. The pignolata messinese, was born in the period of the Roman Empire. In fact, in ancient times, during the Carmen Levare festivities, the locals used to consume sweets that resembled a pine cone covered...

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Paste di Mandorla

Almond paste is a Sicilian product with centuries of history behind it. It was the Arabs during the domination in Sicily to mix sugar and almonds thus spreading this recipe in Sicily. Later some monks and nuns of the Martorana convent in Palermo dedicated...

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The fruit of Martorana

The fruit of Martorana    The dessert par excellence of the Sicilian confectionery tradition.  Made of finely molded and colored almond paste to perfectly imitate small-scale fruits and vegetables. Martorana fruit was invented by the nuns of the...

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Crumbly rectangular biscuits made with almonds, eggs, orange peel, honey and cinnamon: The name Nzuddi would derive from a Sicilian dialectal form of the diminutive of "Vincenzo" for the arrival in the city of Don Giovanni of Austria son of Carlo V ° who...

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