We magically live the encounter between ancient and modern in our land, which is tinged with a bright red, generous in still giving excellent wines kissed by a scorching sun while the great volcano smokes on the sea.

These aromas, vibrant colors and flavors meet in a single great wine, Geusu.

The mulberry tree, "geusu" from Sicilian jargon, was defined by Pliny the Elder, the wisest and most patient tree.

Ovid also tells of him in the mythological story "The Metamorphoses" mentioning the sacrifice of the two lovers, Piramo and Tisbe who with their love marked by violent events dyed the mulberries black and since then have retained its color as a sign of mourning.

Our company finds many similarities with the mulberry tree.

The black color of the Geusu fruit is very reminiscent of that of our Nero D’Avola, the flagship wine of our company.

I still remember my grandfather, in an old Sicily who always drank a glass of wine with immersed mulberries ... u geusu on his hot days in a small town.

Thanks to these memories that still live in me, to that small sunny vineyard near the house, to the inheritance of the wine experience left by my grandfather, our company was born.

We have created a cellar of excellence Made in Sicily, with wisdom, passion and love.

Our grapes are grown in Western Sicily using only native vines such as Nero D’Avola and Grillo, wines we produce only in purity.