A typical dish of the Japanese gastronomic tradition that has become very popular in Italy is sushi, a fish dish that has countless variations, which however are based on a very fresh and rigorously raw raw material..

A nice challenge is the combination of wine and sushi, to try to combine two deeply different gastronomic cultures, and find the right balance between the flavor of the fish and the olfactory and gustatory notes of a good bottle.

Raw ingredients harmonized in a simple way

To obtain a good pairing between wine and sushi, you need to have in mind the characteristics of this Japanese dish.

First of all, the main element is raw fish, or in any case seafood and crustaceans that have a clear taste of the sea and have high flavor.

In the second instance, we know that the basis of Japanese cuisine consists of rice, lightly boiled, and soy, another cereal also used in liquid form, thanks to the sauce derived from it.

Speaking of sauces, you must always keep in mind that sushi is not simply the result of the union of seaweed, rice and fish: in fact, in addition to the aforementioned soy sauce, sushi is served together with wasabi, a green-colored sauce with a flavor decidedly spicy.

There are therefore many balances at stake, and combining a wine with these few ingredients becomes a fairly complex operation, but we will try to deal with it.

Pairing between wine and sushi

Having therefore in mind the various contrasts that make up the harmony of the flavors of sushi, let's try to use a wine with good basic acidity, namely Sauvignon Blanc, which is characterized by its freshness and herbaceous and slightly floral aromas. This bottle accompanies soy sauce equally well, often used in serving sushi or sashimi.

Remaining in the context of seasonings, if you decide to add the decidedly spicy contribution of wasabi to the sauce, it is good to choose a more persistent and aromatic wine, as can be a Gewürztraminer (like this Tramin) or a White Muscat.

If instead you prefer not to risk anything, and opt for a combination of wine and unassailable and classic sushi, you can choose an excellent dry sparkling wine with a classic method, such as a Franciacorta Satèn, which contrasts well the fatness and sweet note of raw fish , and which thanks to the bubbles makes the palate pleasantly clean.

If, on the other hand, you are not a lover of brut sparkling wine, you can safely combine Riesling, Italic or Rhenish with good basic acidity, fruity notes and an elegant flavor with sushi or sashimi.

Still remaining in the field of white wines, which as we know are always preferable in combination with fish, you can try a Kerner from South Tyrol, aromatic and always pleasantly acidic, or a medium-structured wine such as Gavi or Vermentino of Gallura.

If you prefer red grapes instead, the right choice is that of a rosé wine like Bardolino Chiaretto, endowed with sapidity, fruity elements and a pleasant intrinsic liveliness


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